[INFO] Big Bang SBS Star Channel Tutorial!

Here’s a fast and easy tutorial to download and use gorealra to watch SBS live, where they’ll be showing Big Bang for a whole month 24/7. Sorry this isn’t my computer and it doesn’t have the Korean language package installed so you can’t see any Korean characters just a bunch of gibberish and question marks lol but just follow the highlighted boxes and it’ll be fine. ^^

1. Firstly go here and download gorealra by clicking on the square highlighted in red below.

2. Now a box like this should show up, click on the red again.

3. Now a box like this should come up, let it load completely.

4. After that a box like this one should show up. Click on the red, then the black. Another box exactly like that one should show up again, do the same steps.

5. After that click on the red again.

6. Click on the red again.

7. Wait for this to completely load.

8. Now click on the red again.

9. Wait for this to completely load.

10. Now Gorealra should start on it’s own, if it doesn’t, look for it in your programs and open it. You can exit this box with the gold microphone thing by clicking on the little ‘x’ on the bottom right corner.

11. Now click on where it says TV on red and you can see all the channels available. The two channels in red are the 2PM and TVXQ star channels. When Big Bang’s Star Channel begins on September 5 I think there will be a third box with Big Bang, once you click there you should be able to see whatever they’re showing.

12. I clicked on TVXQ’s star channel and after a few commercials Yunho showed up on my screen on some show. I wrote down in red what some of the buttons on the screen do. Hope that helped!^^ Leave any questions in the comments, I’ll try my best to help.


[UPDATES] Final sale of tickets For Korean Pop Night Concert via SISTIC

Hey VIPs! Sistic have finally updated the sales for cat 3 and 4 [+cat5&6] tickets. There you go, I didn’t know there is a cat 5 and 6.

Anyway BBSGVIPs are collating orders for BB’s official lightstick. If you are getting one, you guys can take a look, here is the link.

Also, I have contacted BBSGVIPs for a collaboration as to what to do for BB during the concert. We have yet to go into further discussion. If you are attending the concert please send me an email at xiao_de@msn.com so I can keep you informed of our latest plans(: If you guys have any cool ideas feel free to email me as well but my response may not be as prompt as school have started.

Thats all for now! Everyone get ready for the ticket sales tomorrow, wish you guys luck!

[NEWS] Big Bang earns over 60 million won in performance fees

On a recent ranking released by Star Marketing, they have revealed Korean idols’ performance fees for the month of August 2010. And among the many debuting groups in the industry, Rain, Big Bang, TVXQ, Wonder Girls and Boa are on the top list on being paid over 60million won ($51,480) on performance or appearance fee.

Some are a bit debatable below for the below 60 million Won ranking, but we’ll see – this is a survey done by a marketing group, so take everything with a grain of salt. Based on August 2010.

Singers being paid over 60million won:

Lee Hyori
Wonder Girls
Big Bang ($51,480)
Dong Bang Shin Gi
Park JinYoung

Singers being paid below 60million won

Ranking, Singer, Perf fee (million won), Per member (if in a group) (million won)
1. 2PM, 6000, 1000
2. SNSD, 4500, 500
3. 2ne1, 4000, 1000
3. Taeyang (Bigbang), 4000 ($34,320)

Big Bang and Taeyang are being paid BIG money! Even Big Bang who barely performs in Korea and has been away for 2 years is making more money that some groups that have been performing non-stop!

(via omonatheydidnt)alee1